The only sonic jewelry cleaner made exclusively for jewelry.
Safewave cleansing action ensures the safest and most effective way to clean jewelry electronically. The sonic waves gently clean jewelry while removing impurities that make jewelry appear dull. The stylish, contemporary lines and vibrant white body with baby blue interior create a sophisticated and pleasing design aesthetic. Featuring dual tanks, two cleaning speeds and a rinsing speed that distribute customizable power for thorough cleaning for different types of jewelry.
  • Machine runs on a 110 volt 60 Hz electrical outlet, and includes:
  • LaSonic Dazzle Drops Concentrate Starter Sample
  • Cleaning/Rinsing Basket and separate Jewelry hook for holding earrings and rings
  • LaSonic Instruction Booklet with jewelry care guide
  • 2 year warranty

LaSonic SafeWave All-in-One Jewelry Cleaning System Pro-Kit

SKU: 999444